5 Unbelievable Memorial Day Facts

In the United States, the overwhelming majority of people are patriotic and believe in respecting those that have served in our military. After all, they are the reason that we are safe in our country. Memorial day is a day that puts a spotlight on everyone that has passed away while serving in the United States military. It’s a pretty gloomy day considering it’s a posthumous celebration, however it is extremely important to honor those that have not only served in our country, but given their life to protect us.

It’s difficult to imagine putting my life on the life day in and day out in order to protect my friends, family, and strangers. It’s pretty incredible that we have a country that has so many citizens that step up to do a job that asks so much of them. So, to celebrate we decided to uncover some unknown facts about Memorial Day to teach everyone a little more about this special day!

1. Memorial Day was originally called Decoration day.

This federal holiday in the United State was originally called Decoration day. An organization of Union veterans established this holiday as a time to decorate veterans’ graves with dead flowers in order to celebrate their service.

2. Flowers play a large role in the holiday.

It is believed that Memorial day would take place on the last Monday of every month because flowers would be at their blooming peak. This ties into the idea of placing flowers on the graves.

3. It’s illegal to not observe a National Moment of Remembrance.

This is an actual thing. Congress passed a law in December 2000 that states American have to pause at 3 p.m. to honor our fallen soldiers. However, many people don’t realize this is a law!

4. There are nine states that observe Confederate Memorial Day.

Texas, Mississippi, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Virginia, Louisiana, and Georgia celebrate confederate soldiers those that passed away during the Civil war. They have created a separate day to memorialize these fallen soldiers!

5. Eating a picnic in a cemetery was once a celebration for Memorial Day.

This isn’t nearly as popular anymore, but it was a tradition to pack up your lunch and have a picnic on the ground at a cemetery. Apparently, this tradition is living on by some citizens in the South!

Memorial Day is a day to ensure we are celebrating and honoring those that fought for our safety. Without those soldiers, who knows where we would be right now? So, this coming Monday make sure that you embrace this holiday and honor our fallen soldiers. We hope you learned a little more about our patriotic holiday through reading Memorial Day Trivia! Pass along some information to your friends and family.