Radiologists have a good sense of humor, too!

Even though we’re a medical imaging center, we still know how to have fun. We truly believe if you are able to keep a smile on your face, life will be so much easier and that goes for work, too. After all, laughter is the key to success! So, we decided to bring you the funniest radiology jokes that we’ve found online. Radiology can seriously be funny, and we wanted to share our laughter with you. Try not to laugh out loud!

We hope our radiology humor brought a smile to your face. We know that our profession is a serious one, but sharing jokes and laughter from time to time is what truly counts! We spend our days trying to find the bright side of every situation, and we wanted to pass that along to our patients. Especially those that are going through a difficult time. If we can keep a smile on our faces and our patient’s faces, we’re doing our job right. At Compass Imaging, our goal is to keep you happy!