Treasure Your Chests

Lots of people do things like the bra decorating contest during the month of October, and they’re a ton of fun! We love holding our bra decorating contest each year. But we’ve found that the limit to bra decorating contests is that, while they’re incredibly fun and our offices love participating, they don’t do a ton to actually educate women about breast cancer—something we think is incredibly important to do. That’s why this year we’re taking it one step further!

We’ll be holding an event on November 7th called Treasure Your Chests, and the whole point is to engage and educate the women in our local community about breast cancer. We’ll have lots of fun activities, food, and prizes, but we’ll also have a wonderful guest speaker and some breast cancer survivors who will be sharing their stories and educating everyone on breast cancer and prevention.

It’s going to be an awesome time, and while you’re there you’ll even get to vote on our entries from the bra decorating contest! Everyone is invited, so bring your sister or your mother or your friend or your neighbor, and come on out to Treasure Your Chests! Event details are below.

We’re so thankful to all of our friends in our referring physician’s offices in Carlsbad and Artesia for their participating in our bra decorating contest this year, and we know they’ll all be there supporting us at our Treasure Your Chests event next Saturday!

We’re really exciting about having this opportunity to spend some quality time with the people from our towns, and we hope to see you all there!

treasure your chests