Spotlight: Jeanette Shultz

We’re so excited to welcome Jeanette to our team as our new marketing rep.

Jeanette graduated from California State University at Fresno with a B.A. in (Mass) Communication and Journalism, and she’s currently working on her Master’s in Sports Health and Fitness at the U.S. Sports Academy.

Previously, she worked with the Northwest Florida Blood Services as a Community Relations Representative obtaining and maintaining clients to host blood drives.

Jeanette’s husband is a Captain in the Air Force, which is what brought them all the way to Clovis from Florida about two months ago. They have two huskies, Penny and Cappie, and Cleo, the cat.

Her favorite color is pink; she says she wears something pink just about every day!

She’s originally from California, and she met her husband there while in college together.

Jeanette is training for the Ironman Triathlon in November, which is so impressive! But don’t let her exercise dedication fool you, she still loves her sweets.

She also loves TV and movies. Some of her favorites include Friends, superhero movies, and San Francisco Giants baseball games.

If you want to get to know Jeanette, which we really hope you do, stop by our office and say hi!