If Animals Were Your Doctors

Imagine going to your doctor and expecting to see a human; but instead seeing an animal. We think animals, as cute as they are, would make wonderful doctors! Some animals would probably be dentists, while others perhaps therapists. Every animal has a unique personality just like how every healthcare practitioner has a unique personality. Here’s our guesses for what type of doctor each animal would be!

1.     Family Doctor: Golden Retrievers

Most family doctors are extremely outgoing and personable. That’s why we think golden retrievers would make great doctors in everyone’s community. Just imagine shaking your doctor’s paw when you first meet him- ADORABLE! 

2.     Radiologists: Cats

Cats normally are very nice but often spend a lot of time alone. That’s how radiology works. The radiologists often sit in a dark office examining MRI results. They are fascinated by their screens just as cats are fascinated by yarn.

3.  Dentist: Parrots

Polly want a cracker? Parrots often talk about things and we don’t know where they came from. Dentists know a lot of information about random things. Also, we can’t have a conversation with parrots just like we can’t have a conversation when the dentists have their hands in our mouth (Somebody please let them know this!)

4.     Therapists: Elephants

An elephant is always calm and collected- just like a therapist. They also both seem to carry a great deal of wisdom and are very loyal. Make an appointment with an elephant today?

5. Chiropractor: Horses

Horses are known for their strong nature and fierce attitude. Their legs are built for running and they have a strong nervous system- this would make them knowledgeable about the human spine and how it works. Chiropractors are normally strong people who have an enormous amount of perseverance. 

6.  Nurse: Monkeys

Monkeys are known to be intelligent and funny. Today, most nurses try to make their patients laugh to brighten up their day. They greet everyone with a smile and are passionate about life. Who wouldn’t want a monkey to bring them.

Whether it’s going to see your local golden retriever, checking into your appointment with your horse, or visiting your cat radiologist, these animals will be sure to make your visit fantastic!