The Most Difficult Patient Ever

We came across this video this week, and we thought it was just too funny not to share! If you work in diagnostic imaging you know that when it comes to patients, some are much easier than others. We’ve seen panic attacks, we’ve seen freak outs. We’ve seen people lie about having metal on them, and we’ve seen tears. On the other hand, we’ve also seen laughter and smiles, we’ve seen people exercise extreme calmness and cooperation, we’ve even seen interest and curiosity.

Getting an MRI can be a scary experience, and not every patient handles it as well as you would hope. We’ve been lucky enough in the past to be blessed with fabulous patients, ones that really helped make our jobs easier! The reality is, though, that sometimes you’ll end up getting patients who are difficult…and that’s ok!

When you have a patient that’s giving you a hard time, the best thing you can do is to sympathize, put yourself in their position, and remember that things could always be worse. That being said, we hope you enjoy this funny video about what we think has to be the most difficult patient ever.