How March Madness Relates to our Patients

Here in the office we take March Madness pretty seriously, just like the rest of America (Hey- even President Obama fills out a bracket). It’s something that many (if not all) of us look forward to every year. It’s the one month guaranteed to be full of happiness, desperation, heart-ache, and heart-break. Some of you might win, but most of you will lose frankly (sorry but you know it's true).  Maybe you haven't made your picks yet, or maybe you have and your dead set on UNC winning! 

Although we think March Madness is awesome, we can accept that (like in life) there are a few things that give us all some trouble every year. These struggles are similar to the struggles our patients face as well.

Having trouble making your picks?

Whether or not to pick against Kentucky won’t be the only big decision you face this year! If you’re one of our patients, you might find yourself making the equally difficult decision of picking between an MRI and a CT scan.

They’re pretty evenly matched, they’ve both got pros and cons…it’s a toss up, and you’re not sure who will win out in the end. Just like in March Madness, if you’re unsure about who to pick, consider heeding what the analysts say before making a final decision.

Bracket busted?

Unless you’re a psychic, don’t even try to lie about it. After last week’s games, we know your bracket is busted. And while NC State fans are flying high right now, what are you supposed to do when your team hangs you out to dry this early in the bracket? (Yes, we’re looking at you Villanova…) The answer? Pick the next most promising option and go with it.

It’s the same when it comes to healthcare. What do you do when your insurance is cancelled and you’ve got an upcoming procedure? How are you supposed to make it to the finish line when the ones you were counting on leave you hanging? Our solution: pick the next most promising option.

Because we understand how flighty insurance companies (and March Madness teams) can be when it gets down to the wire, we offer our patients super low cash-pay prices as an alternative to fall back on.

Making the right procedure picks and dealing with insurance loss can be hard, and we can’t promise that along the way there might not be some heart-break, some tears, or some frustration (like when the number 1 seed loses to the number 16 team). But just like with March Madness, everything always works out in the end (even if the journey is a bit of a surprise- it's still fun!).  Make sure you leave some time to enjoy the madness of March!