Welcome New Technologist: Alvin Doporto

Carlsbad Open MRI is happy to welcome new technologist, Alvin Doporto, to the team. He says, “I came to [Carlsbad] Open MRI for the opportunity to be a part of the management team and to help expand our business.”

Doporto comes to us from a nearby hospital, and as part of his transition, he’ll be writing guest posts for our blog, answering common questions about the radiology industry.

For his first interview, we asked him about the difference between an open and closed MRI and what patients should concern themselves with while preparing for their visit.

Doporto says that the technique for both a closed and open MRI are the same, but an open MRI typically has no sides, so the patient can slide in and our without being fully enclosed. Someone can even be in the room to hold the patient’s hand to cure claustrophobic worries. There is also no radiation to worry about.

When asked to describe the experience, Doporto says:

Open MRI is in a very relaxed setting; music can be heard over the machine so no headphones are required. If a patient doesn’t want music, earplugs are NOT required. For some exams i.e. feet, knees, ankles or lower legs, some patients have chosen to read a book or magazine. We also allow one family member back with the patient if necessary to get them through the exam. This family member cannot have a pacemaker or any other contraindications. If necessary, that family member can hold their child or loved one’s hand.

If you’re concerned about cost, definitely give Carlsbad Open MRI a call. The open MRI exam does not cost more than a typical exam, and here, patients with no insurance will pay less. We take most insurance plans and offer payment plans for those in need.

The atmosphere at Carlsbad Open MRI is more relaxed atmosphere than most hospitals. There’s normally no wait or insurance hold ups. Doporto says:

Here at [Carlsbad] Open MRI, we strive to make patients feel as comfortable as possible while having their exam. In the 10-plus years I have been doing MRI, I have noticed that a more comfortable patient makes the difference in producing a diagnostic readable exam, which is very important when your diagnosis is being made. Bring your favorite music, book, or magazine to Carlsbad Open MRI.