Things You Should Do Over the Weekend

TGIF! It's finally the weekend and you have some time to have fun and hopefully relax. Although you might not want to do any house work, if you do some during down time this weekend you will be less stressed out during the week! Almost everyone has more free time on the weekend so try getting these things done ahead of time:

1. Grocery Shopping

Get your food for the week early on the weekends so you don't have to worry about running into long lines Monday after you work. If you have an extra 10 minutes, look through the Newspaper or Online sites for coupons. You could save tons of money!

2. House Chores

Let's be real, nobody likes chores. However, if you start your Saturday morning off with them, you won't have to worry for the rest of the week, Try dividing up the tasks to different members of your household to make it go quicker. 

3. Cook

If you eat a lot of take out during the week, cook a couple big meals on the weekends! You can make something you have never made before and save leftovers for Monday and maybe Tuesday! 

4. Spring Cleaning

Spring is coming up! The weekend is a great time to start going through things you don't need anymore. Honestly, that box of seashells from 1984 is probably not something you need. 

5. Exercise

During the week, you might be too tired or too lazy to work out. However, on the weekend you should have more time. If you don't normally work out, start slow and each weekend run more, or lift more, etc. Try working out with friends if you want to make it a fun weekend activity. You can all go on a walk or go to the gym, then eat a healthy meal afterwards!


Whether you want to mow the lawn, or cook a huge pasta dinner, getting ahead on the weekend is a must! If you do these things now, you will be thanking yourself later!