December Do's and Don'ts: Part 2

It’s December, quite possibly one of the most controversial months of the year! Half of us despise it: the bustle, the noise, the stress of holiday shopping, the crowds, the family get-togethers; and the other half of us adore it: the lights, the Christmas music, that warm atmosphere and the holiday cheer surrounding us. There are ups and downs to every season, but this happens to be one of our personal favorites!

To make sure that everyone enjoys the rest of December and the beginning of the New Year, we’re doing a two-part post with some Do’s and Don’ts (courtesy of Happy Healthy People) to help you survive the season with a happy heart, a happy waistline, and a happy head.

First come the Do’s.

Do get your shopping done early. No one likes being that crazed, overly-stressed individual who put everything off until the last minute and is now battling crowds in a desperate attempt to find some decent presents. Crossing things off your checklist early will keep your mind at ease, reduce stress, and positively impact your overall well-being.

Do make a conscious effort to spread good cheer wherever you go. Although we think people should do this every day, it’s definitely much more common during this time of the year. Little things like giving someone a compliment, holding the door for them, giving up your spot in line, or simply wishing people a wonderful day can have a huge impact on them. We always say that happiness and health go hand in hand, so take some time to make people happy this season!

Do let yourself loose a little and head to those holiday parties, and while you’re there have a cookie! Although it’s important not to go overboard during the holidays, we believe that everyone deserves a chance to treat themselves! Plan accordingly and don’t feel bad about munching on some fruit cake, eating a cookie, or having a slice of pie at a party.

Do remember to keep your health in mind. Schedule your appointments for the upcoming year, whether it’s a yearly check-up, a mammogram, an MRI, a trip to the dentist, or even an eye exam. It’s easy to put stuff like this off when you’re busy with the holidays, but don’t let your health suffer as a result!

Do remain calm, no matter what goes wrong. A lot of people suffer from stress-related illnesses during this time of the year, so it’s important to always take things as they come and try to remain calm, cool, and collected throughout the holiday season.

Following these Do’s will help keep your mind at ease, your waistline in check, and your heart happy. Stay tuned for next week’s list of Don’ts!