Top 5 Valentines Gift Ideas

It can be difficult to determine what your date, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife wants for Valentines Day. It only comes once a year but it seems to sneak up on you! Instead of scratching your head and wondering what to get your valentine, you can read our list of _ gift ideas. These might be common, but they still are a sweet gesture. 


1.     Chocolate 

This is probably the most given gift, but for a reason. Buying chocolate is great because you can set your own budget. Some chocolates go for $50 while others are around $20. You get to pick out which chocolate (milk, dark, etc) your date will enjoy! If you get this right, they will certainty be pleased! 

2. Movie Tickets

If you know your valentine has been dying to see a new movie, now is the perfect time to surprise them with tickets and maybe a voucher for popcorn, drinks, etc. They will appreciate that you remembered what movie they wanted to see, and that you are going with them. This also gives you the opportunity to snuggle up a bit together in the theatre.

3. A Surprise Dinner

If you want to mix things up, you could tell you’re date your taking them out to eat and that it’s a surprise. Try to pick a restaurant you know they’ve been dying to try. Or if you’ve been dating for a while, take them to the first restaurant you ever went to together and see If they remember!

4.   Jewelry

If your Valentine is a woman, (or a guy with piercings), jewelry is a great option because they will be encouraged by your effort. Jewelry does not have to be expensive. You could always go into a department store and pick out something special!


5.   A Fancy Homemade Dinner

This one probably isn’t for couples who always make homemade dinners, but rather the couples who are always going out to eat. Cooking your Valentines favorite meal is a sure way to win their heart over. If you want to make it even more romantic, you can make it a candlelit dinner!

Hopefully you now have an idea of what to get your date for Valentines Day. There is no “wrong gift”, as long as you put effort in. It really is the thought that counts, so plan ahead and you should be fine! Make sure to make any dinner reservations early or you will be waiting for hours possibly. Have a great Valentine’s Day!