A thank you to all father's

Father’s day is almost here, and with Father’s day comes some emotional “thank you’s” to the men who made us into the people we are today. Fathers sometimes don’t get as much credit as do mothers. However, fathers do a lot for the household and for their kids. Fathers changed our diapers, taught us how to ride a bike, and cleaned us up when we needed it most. That’s why we want to formally thank our fathers for everything they have done this Father’s day.


“Thank you for making me laugh.”

 Thank you for being the best comedian dad. You were always the one who could make me laugh when I was sad. Thank you for making me smile when I really didn’t want too, and thank you for letting me know that whenever I was upset someone would always be there to cheer me up.


“Thank you for letting me help you.”

 Whether it was in the kitchen, in the garage or while you were at work, thank you for letting me be your sidekick. Thank you for letting me do little projects with you and for teaching me all about your favorite activities.


“Thank you for teaching me lessons.”

 Thank you for punishing me when I made a mistake and having me learn life lessons from it. Whatever it was I did wrong, you taught me to learn from my mistakes and that life goes on. These lessons have shaped me into who I am today and I am grateful for that.


“Thank you for dealing with me as a child.”

 I know it wasn’t easy and it never got easier, but thank you for raising me into the adult you wanted me to be. Thank you for teaching me, inspiring me and dealing with me. Thank you for teaching me how to use the toilet, for cleaning my dirty diapers and making my lunches for school.


“Thank you for being my friend.”

 Most importantly, thank you for being my friend. Through it all you never lost hope in me when I made mistakes and you pushed me to be a better person. Thank you for staying my friend for my entire life, you will always be a forever friend to me. Thank you dad.