6 Reasons Why Carlsbad Open MRI is the Place to Go!

We all know in our hearts that Carlsbad Open MRI is the best place for patients, but we are going to lay it out with the top 6 reasons that truly make us great.

  1. At Carlsbad Open MRI, our priority is patient care. We strive to provide the best customer service with the most affordable care.
  2. We have an amazing staff who has been in the healthcare industry for years.
  3. Our open MRI machine makes getting a scan done easy and comforting. The open aspect allows those patients who are claustrophobic or nervous about the procedure to feel at ease. We see a lot of pediatric patients as it is easier for the parents to be in the room and hold their child's hand with an open machine.
  4. We have a great cash pricing option of $525 for those who do not have insurance or who choose not to go through insurance.
  5. Our location is great for those in Carlsbad as well as the surrounding cities. We want to be accommodating for the local providers and doctors office so we try to schedule patients within a couple days.
  6. After the scan is done, the doctors get the reports within 24 hours.

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