All We Want For Christmas Is CT

We’d like to introduce you to the newest member of our family, the GE LightSpeed RT16!

The cat’s out of the bag, and today is the first day that our brand new CT machine will be up and running at Carlsbad Open MRI! We’re so excited to finally be able to add CT to our list of services, and are thrilled about the opportunity to provide patients in the Carlsbad area with an affordable new option.

To celebrate, we’re offering a special cash-pay price of $400 for our CT scans, which is approximately $200 lower than the average in our area. Our patients and referring physicians will also have access to same-day appointments and STAT procedures!

We love our new machine. It’s one of the leading CT scanners worldwide for cancer care, and is also a multi-slice scanner with a wide bore that takes high resolution, high quality images. It’s going to be such a great resource for patients, and we can’t wait to start using it!

To schedule an appointment, either drop by the office or call us at (575) 628-1234. If you want a chance to come in and just check out our new machine, staff will be available to show it to you as well. We’re looking forward to sharing this new adventure with you!