Special Spaces Changes Life

Special Spaces took on Albuquerque recently to bring happiness to five-year-old Matthew Pedrotty. Mattrew was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma, a type of advanced brain cancer. He is participating in a study at Sloan Kettering Hospital in New York.

Special Spaces is a non-profit organization that turns kids dream-rooms into realities. It’s similar to Extreme Home Makeover, but on a smaller scale. Children who are fighting life-threatening diseases are awarded beautiful spaces for themselves.

For Matthew, “Local artists and landscapers transformed the place into something new – a terrific play space.”

The play space has a mural of superhero “Matthew Man” battling the “Cancer Dragon” alongside the Incredible Hulk. The workers also put down a rubber road so Matthew could use his exercise scooter. There’s a sandbox, a rock garden, and more still.

Matthew says his favorite part is the sandbox, but after thinking about it, he says, “I can’t make up my mind! I like all of it!”

“Sponsors for the project include Jim Russell, Admiral Beverage, A-Z Landscaping, and local graphic artists C.J. Vasquez and Rick Martinez, and their buddy, Jake, the shy guy who’s bold with his airbrush.”

Matthew’s mother, Elissa, said they were “above and beyond even what they said they would do!” And they do it for this reason.

To learn more about Special Spaces, you can check out their homepage here, and for more information on “Matthew Man,” including a video of the space, click here.

To see, generally, what Special Spaces does for people, you can look at the video below.