Cut Care for Critically Ill

The federal government recently moved to file critically ill patients under a new health coverage plan beginning July 1st. The decision was made three weeks ago after the New Mexico legislature ended. The New Mexico Superintendent of Insurance, John Franchini, is taking a stand, saying this “leaves us unable to even ask the state legislature to appropriate supplementary funds.”

This abrupt decision leaves many critically ill patients with health coverage costs simply out of reach. Deductibles are rising as well as out-of-pocket costs. Franchini says, “Many are currently receiving a course of treatment and their continuity of care will be at risk if the proposed changes go into effect.”

In response to the decision, Franchini sent a letter to Gary Cohen, the Federal Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight Director, saying “I call on the federal government to fulfill its commitment by paying

the full costs of the NM PCIP program as it originally agreed to do,” basically demanding Washington to cover the costs of more than 1,500 critically ill patients in New Mexico until the end of the year.

We’re not sure how the government will respond, but we’re proud of John Franchini for taking care of his own. You can read the full, original article here on NM In Depth.