Things You Can Do in the Springtime

After a chilly winter, the sun’s coming out, the flowers are blooming and the sounds of mowing grass fill the air. That’s right, it’s Spring. Unless you love Winter, you’re one of the millions of Americans rejoicing that this day has finally come. It won’t last forever though, so here are some things you can do to make the most out of your Spring!


1.   Enjoy The Outdoors

During winter, unless you braved the cold, you most likely did not go outside much. In the Spring it’s important to go outside because this a great way to get your vitamins from the Sun. Instead of watching TV, make it your mission to walk for 30 minutes a day. You could even offer to take someone who is elderly’s dog for a walk and help out the community.


2.   Go To A Basketball Game

Spring generally starts on March 20th when there is an equinox. You know what this means? It means March Madness. Can’t make it to a game? Spring weather is perfect for a game of pick-up. Grab some friends and get balling!


3.   Get All Of Your Doctor’s Appointments In

We all know during the winter that it might be hard to schedule appointments because of your fear of snow. Luckily, it stops snowing by April for the most part. Now you have no excuse to visit your dentist, eye doctor, or even your radiologist (like us) for services like an MRI. Spring is the perfect time to squeeze these in before Summer hits.


4.   Dine with Mother Nature

There’s nothing quite like the experience of sitting at an outdoor restaurant, being able to watch the passerbys. You can finally enjoy the weather and eat great food at the same time. Also, you might be able to bring your dog!


5.   Spring Clean

Alright, nobody is looking forward to this one but cleaning the house is a great way to get ahead. Now you can even clean your yard or garage because you won’t be freezing to death. So grab that broom and those garbage bags and get cleaning. You’ll feel better once it’s out of the way.

Hopefully you feel inspired to do something great this Spring! Whether it’s going to a local basketball game or stopping by to see your radiologist, it will be a great season!